The notice less acceptable. What Juventus was hoping not to receive. Robin Van Persie turns away from Turin, and sees Manchester United closer. From the player and his agent has arrivedthe warning to Juve, recently. Van Persie has chosen to answer the call of Ferguson and is going to define everything, these are the signals that filter out. 
Among the causes of possible waiver to Juve, there seem to be also linked to bettingscandal ongoing process. One of the reasons, not the only one. But now, the tracks to follow for the Juventus attack are reduced more and more, right now there is no plunge for Llorente and Dzeko. 
And even Matri, at this point, it is difficult to move before the arrival of a new striker. But the warning they did not want to hear, in Turin, has arrived. Van Persie is near to close down with United …

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS