TURIN, July 31, 2012 – Roberto Mancini and Juve allies. Hard to imagine, but it is not the first time that the streets of the market are faced with strange companions. What then, in hindsight, it is not even the outcomes of this case, because from the outset of negotiations Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici had clear that just the City or Real could lead to situations in their favor. See the disposal of various Dzeko, Higuain and Tevez. Forecast apt in the first two cases, not in the third, in fact from time of Higuain do not longer speak. The talk (but not only those) regarding Dzeko and Tevez are targets for intensification by the end of the market and it is precisely Mancini the most determined in discuss the situation. Without considering that Mancio he does it with clear polemic accents against his leadership. 

COMPANION OF ROAD The apparent hesitancy is related to the fact that Marotta has a budget of 20 million for the striker, to which can add any bonus provided he is not overdo it. The Tesoretto is also linked, but not limited to, the possible transfer of Alessandro Matri, that however will leave (the destination Milan remains the most likely) only when at Juve will have the confidence to get to the famous top player. All situations related to each other, however, intended to unlock at any moment. Because, as says Mancini, “it would be better to have new players 4-5 weeks before the start of the season.” That is why today in Corso Galileo Ferraris are cheering for the former inter manager, engaged in a derby that will impact also in our side. 

source: Tuttosport (by Gianni Lovato)

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