TURIN, Aug. 2, 2012 – The voice flowing with ever more insistently both in Italy and in England, living in the transfer market some are beginning even to move beyond talking about an agreement between Robin Van Persie and Juventus signed months ago. The passage of time and recent market events and at least keep alive the idea. The fact that the Juventus leaders on Mattia Destro (then finished at Roma) have not pushed way down on the accelerator and has been interpreted by well-informed as a manner not to break the top-goal player. Like: do not spend on this side (Destro) because I want to get beyond (Van Persie). Not to mention the technical aspect (Conte needs a great center forward), that emotional (a great top might be the best way to leave behind the chapter court referrals) and the economic: the claims of the striker are however always exorbitant. 
THE GAME Surely Van Persie is intrigued by the Juventus project, otherwise at this point would wear jerseys of the already wealthy City or United. Roberto Mancini and Sir Alex Ferguson does not hide that they focus on the attacker Dutch and probably will try until the end. Although yesterday, according to rumors from across the Channel, Mancio – reported a little irritated at his tug – would be thinking back to Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid. For Giuseppe Marotta would assist: a precious drops more the competition (especially that of the City) and more the game Van Persie could be easier. First with Arsenal, as so far Arsene Wenger has fired disproportionate numbers (25 million) for a player out of contract in 2013. 
THE OTHER BIG As mentioned, in addition to Van Persie, the Bianconeri continue to monitor other candidates. Stevan Jovetic is one of these, even if the drafts coming from Florence are not very encouraging. The Della Valle passed from words to deeds: declared the Montenegrin non-transferable and, as promised, have begun to invest to strengthen the team of Vincenzo Montella (yesterday was officially the Spaniard Borja Valero from Villarreal). Hopes juventine remain anchored to a new position taken by the attacker, who in previous weeks has made ​​it known that he wanted a transfer to Turin. His teammates will want to know it well, as pointed out yesterday the new goalkeeper viola Emiliano Viviano: “Stevan must think about what he wants to do. They all talked  but not him, so it would be better that he does it, just to be fair. “ Always warm Edin Dzeko, who in one way (arrival of Van Persie) or another (landing Higuain) from Manchester should move soon. In the day are also rumors circulating on Pablo Osvaldo, intended to have less space with the arrival of Destro. 
 source: Tuttosport (by Cornacchia-Riva) 
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