There is no use the great of this great noise of the media from these days. Everyone is aware that the ranking is a pain and is the worst among Juventus history but it does not help anyone finding the culprit maniacally and unjustified. The culprits are all but to attack one or the other would also undermine the few existing possibilities to save the season. This Juventus we believe has intact chances to climb up the table and show that is not a team of twelfth place.

It takes heart, it takes desire and commitment but also unity and peace of mind thing that Juventus has not shown especially in front of goal often mistaken goals. There is no use now, before a derby to argue, in a match of this kind need to work hard not to fail.

The Bianconeri tomorrow have no other way except the victory, winning the derby is the only way to restart and starting from small things to try to get back up on the standings.

adapted an article from tuttojuve