We had already noticed a certain air of envy last week. Juventus first? But how come, how can this happen? For what spell? Dear friends, Juventus is currently the first and behold after a first week to talk about possible injuries, decreased productivity, bad luck in Vinovo training here we are with the new terminology “terrible cycle.” 

Oh yes of course Chievo Verona became the Real Madrid, Fiorentina and Genoa the new twins of Manchester and then in fact there will be prescriti and Naples. In short, tough schedule, of course it is, but if Juventus want to bet at the top has to sell her life dearly and collect more of those obtained 6 points in 5 games with 1 win 3 draws and a defeat in the games in question in the past year .

 Juventus must overcome the challenge of Verona showing the same determination shown with Parma and by fractions of a second at Siena and at home to Bologna. It will take the same care shown in Verona last year and a bit more luck. 

We are sure that Conte is already working,  to win against the bad luck, we hope from Sunday.

by:Massimo Pavan