A Juventus-Milan with memorable moments, far beyond expectations, during and especially after the game.

Here are The 5 Unforgetable things:

5) Muntari – Milan’s captain

You know how much I owe to Sulley Muntari (Massimo’s book , “Il gol di Muntari”, was a huge success in Italy), as I deem his importance, but the point 5 may also be closed here.
Seeing in life a Juve-Milan with Muntari the Rossoneri captain: done.

4) “We’ll see everything during half-time”
The legendary phrase that accompanies it, alas, every commentary for some years (ten years) in this part. The alleged offside at Tevez, the alleged foul on Diego Lopez, the alleged angle from which was born the Milan goal, the alleged penalty-kick claimed by Juve. I highly recommend, eh, we review everything, why should we talk about three goals, so many chances,of the good game. So, we hope that the leg of Tevez was 20 cm back, that on the Rossoneri angle the ball were in the field of a millimeter, that the hands of Essien were away from the body and that there is no foul on the goalkeeper. Hopefully, otherwise we have to talk about it all week. In the studio there is the brilliant Cattaneo (very good indeed), who closes everything in a moment: the goal of Tevez is regular, there is no foul on Diego Lopez in the second goal. The other two episodes, those theoretically pro Milan, are forgotten. Is not shown the ball (maybe not going out) which brought the corner of the Rossoneri goal, and even the hand of Essien, who was also unintentional.
It was about time: the slow motion lasts 30 seconds and then back to comment the actions. Even at half-time, with your permission, we prefer to talk about football. One, ten, a thousand Cattaneo.

3) Too specious

The commentary reaches the highest peak when, after having told in detail about twenty arbitration episodes (the latest: a shot of Chiellini on Pazzini not judged foul by the referee two minutes from the end, 3-1, and commented for a minute and a half), on the ninetieth Tevez takes advantage of a break and goes to quench his thirst. There would be nothing to comment, at least here, but Caressa, definining himself as “specious” remarked the flaw: Tevez has left the field to drink, and returned without asking permission.
Other than specious, here we are at pure masterpiece, unattainable.

2) Muntari’s protest

Would win hands down, in any other weekend. Milan draws, Juve presses forward, miracle of Diego Lopez on Marchisio, angle, head of Tevez, Bonucci goal, 2-1. The usual replay to see if there is something wrong, you never know, but this time it is thanks to replay that we can enjoy one of the episodes of the year. You see the header of Tevez, meanwhile, and at that time it seems that there is only Bonucci before the goalkeeper. “Ahhh,” exclaims or is about to exclaim furious half of Italy, hopeful in a week of controversy and headlines, the kind that make you think again that others win because they “steal” – you know that relief to their self-esteem! – And yet nothing, behind Diego Lopez comes out the ineffable Muntari, almost on the goal line. Strangled cry in the throat for half of Italy, then, but the best is yet to come, because the next image shows Diego Lopez and Muntari, side by side, both half a meter from the line of goal and two meters in front of Bonucci, that they look at each other and both raise their arms, asking, boh, a foul, offside, any help, something that induces commentators to wonder what to protest, because it is not possible that the goalkeeper and defender on the goal line ask the offside to one that is 3 meters back. But yes, it was possible.

1) Er go’ de Tevez – The last stage

Muntari will forgive us, great protagonist of the match, Tevez will also forgive us, who returned to the field after drinking without asking permission, but this time winning was impossible.

Above all, there is necessarily the goal of Tevez, running from mid-field in a right position and goes to score for Juve, without gratitude for those dinners with Galliani. Sky traced the line, is regular. Cesari draws the line for Mediaset, always structurally close to Juve, regular for them too. Ends 3-1, we all forget the goal of Tevez but on social raises an inexorable buzz, some Milan and Roma fans (even journalists, alas), who laugh on the drawn  line from those televisions, fueling the suspicion that someone has faked them, and erasing in one moment the centuries of studies on perspective. The thing would end there, but then it’s up to Milan, who tweets from their official account and insists on the parallel lines of the images “produced by Juventus.” The controversy goes on, Juve replied to Mr. Geometrician who seems to ignore things which he knows very well, and in fact we are on Monday and still talking about a goal regular of half a meter.

Here, we do not insist on the tweet, the press releases, on parallel lines and the tragicomic death of geometry, killed by “Mr. Geometrician”. No, here we focus on that saliva buzz from the social, the fans and journalists fans who questioned even the line drawn by the televisions, just to be able to say that Juve has stolen this time again. A game without a half a error in favor of Juve has become the subject of discussion for an arbitration decision. After the years of controversy on errors more or less clear, more or less serious, more or less sensational, this year we are at the turning point. After Juve-Roma, the one of the three irregular goals despite at least the decisive one was regular, we finally arrived at the last stage: the game won and dominated by Juve, with no means of error arbitration in its favor, which increases still a buzz (become storm with the tweet with AC Milan), because the images are deceptive.
Above this, I think, we can not go.

But in the meantime, we thank you, from the bottom of our heart. We were afraid to pass the usual Saturday night with the usual three points and the usual whining opponents, and you are able to beat the second place of Muntari’s raised arm on the goal line.

adapted by Mike an article of Massimo Zampini @ juventibus.com