One hundred meters in length and sixty-five width. Is there on the green field, that Luciano Moggi has seen his dreams realized. Not at a stupid cell, as those states in those years has always been taken. It will not be for a verdict tainted by the failure to clearly a fair trial, including subjects treated equal but different, to change our opinion. 

 The last team of the former general director of Juventus, led by Fabio Capello and stripped of two league titles, was a real BIG team. A group capable of remaining at the command of the league from start to finish for two seasons in a row. A team that has scared someone, built by a man who was becoming too important in his home. The only solution was to destroy it, and it would not matter how. In Italy is easy to mix up the cards if you have the right connections. The rest of the story, unfortunately, we know all too well. 

 Getting back to that Juventus. A team made up for eight elevenths finalists of the 2006 World Cup, won by Lippi’s Italy (see the case) under the skies of Berlin. Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram, Zambrotta, Camoranesi, Vieira, Trezeguet and Del Piero. These are the heroes of that night that will forever remain engraved in the history of great football.

 And who were the remaining players on that team? Champions, established or future, that made Juventus of Moggi and Capello one of the most powerful formations in the history of Serie A (which we certainly can not be said for the winners of last years, except for prescriti of Mourinho). Players like Pavel Nedved, Pallone d’oro in 2003, Emerson, a true leader in the middle of the Seleção , Zlatan Ibrahimovic, another champion if he was able to collect titles like Panini stickers, and Giorgio Chiellini, fixed point of the National team and Juventus from today .

 And how to forget the ranking of the Ballon d’Or 2006. A podium almost all black and white, with Cannavaro and Buffon in the first two positions. But two other Juventus playes, Vieira and Zambrotta, were entered in the top twenty positions for the award of the prestigious award. Players who constituted the backbone of a formation that rattled opponents, conscious only to come to Turin to take a lot of goals.

 All this history can not deleted or ignored. Especially in light of the blatant holes in the information of the police, is not interested in Facchetti and Moratti , but only Moggi (and who spoke with him). “Errors” that led to the flawed decision yesterday. Luciano, however, will never be alone. The black and white people will be with him until the end, because those successes are built along are part of the Juventus story . by:Antonio Michele Paladino
adapted by:Mike Prise