“I’m in a hurry, I have no time just trust me.” This is quickly told by Daniele Silvestri in his Gino and the Alfetta. But it could also be the rush of thousands of athletes and fans, always ready to reject all when things do not go according to plan. Just as in the case of Eljero Elia and Milos Krasic, the two lethal offensive wingers of Antonio Conte, at least since August. 

 Now Milos and Eljero find themselves, one on the edge of the team, the other on the bench. A rejection for the Italian people. Only time granted by Antonio Conte. And does well the coach of Juventus to preserve the two from possible criticisms from the press, always exaggerated and malicious when it comes to players like them. 

The case Krasic gives no sign of ceasing. The Juventus player is not left in peace not even after the family tragedy experienced by the Serbian. Uncle died from the impact with ​Milos father’s car (and brother of the dead), is clearly not a “good excuse” for journalists. Milos is squeezed and Conte is irritated. “And why is Krasic not playing? There is a case Milos? “, These questions that we would prefer to hear from the mouth of an infant, and not ” professional ” salaried. 

 Then there is Eljero Elia. Even the Netherlands winger has failed to find much space in these first few games. But this is not permissible to reach pessimistic conclusions at best, catastrophic. There is already talk about Elijah as “Marotta transfer.” Spending that is unnecessary and beyond the real value of the player. A rejection earlier than the technical qualities of the young Dutch national and a distortion of the market data. 

The card of Elia was in fact bought by Juventus with 9 million, plus 1 bonus. When, in June alone, the value of Elia was estimated in the 15 million. A transfer certainly not expensive. If we consider that Ricky Alvarez has cost 12 million euros to prescriti, and just as Elia had not seen the field, I do not see why cry about it. Still I do not hear about the Alvarez case. Randomness? 

 Let’s give time to time and trust in Conte. Definitely Milos and Elia will be able to overcome their problems and the best fit in the team. They are two great elements, which in the past have had shots from champions. Make them miss the legitimate expectations would be like giving reason in to those who want evil for this Juventus, who own the group and team concept has to build her strength. 

 by: Antonio Michele Paladino adapted by:Mike Prise