Juventus follows Jovetic, very true. Marotta spoke about Jovetic, absolutely. The player closest to the role of top player today is Stevan Jovetic, but on one condition: that Fiorentina would accept a technical. counterpart So not all fall into play. Among all these, there is definitely Luis Suarez

The day of yesterday was important for two reasons. The first is from Liverpool that wants hard the American Dempsey. If to arrive the offensive department at Liverpool would be complete or even too wide. 

The second and more important reason is simply the old question Evra. Yesterday Suarez has returned to the subject: “In the club everyone thought that the case has been organized by United against me, but I have been told not to protest at all, because in England, Manchester has its own political power and we must respect that by closing our mouth. Only the Spanish televisions and in Uruguay have done well to see that it was actually him not wanting to shake hands with me. ” 

In short, Suarez does not repent, contrary, delivers a bolus dose. Liverpool has always stood by his side if Suarez apologizes, what will do now? The well-informed people say that this is a maneuver of Suarez to push Rodgers to the sale and the first choice would be Italy, Juventus. We’ll see, for many Suarez is at the level of Cavani, Daniel Fonseca word in the first place. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 

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