MILANO, November 8, 2011 – After months of arguing and punching (true), complaints and claims for damages, on the fourth floor of Rosellini is waved the flag of peace. You know the catchment areas, the loose cannon in the present Melandri Law on the TV Rights which has split the League of Serie A, once the breakaway from B? Mica funny stuff: a diatribe from 200 million euros – might as well slice the cake of an annual television revenues to be divided according to typhoid. Yesterday, the Assembly decided to close the accounts with the past (season 2010-11) and the present (2011-12) acting in the distribution of that money on the basis of a compromise reached with difficulty. It has become final, the pattern (the so-called award Campoccia-Galliani), adopted in July, on a temporary basis, for the billing of overdue installments. 

What does this mean? Compared to the revolutionary act of April 15, voted by a majority of the 15 small and medium moved to the court by the big(Juve,Milan, prescriti, Milan, Naples and Rome), has been given something more to those companies which, with the return to centralized sales of TV rights, had already been penalized. That is the clubs with the highest turnover of Serie A. Now Juventus has resumed, than feared, nearly 4 million euros, prescriti 2.5 and Milan 2. This was achieved by correcting the definition of catchment areas: in addition to pure supporters, sympathizers continue to be covered by a second team, but is reduced by half (from 33% to 16%) the incidence of the TV audience, ie value that flattens the differences between the clubs in spite of the actual geography of the fan. If Juve, prescriti and Milan have agreed to the foregoing remedies, are opposing Naples and Rome, who have appealed against the decision (the yellow and red only for the season 2010-11). The first gain is a little bit but not enough to give up the old demand: “The catchment areas are calculated by counting those who have one favorite team, and that’s it.” The second remains a prisoner of a misconception that we drag from the era Sensi. The former AS Roma president was opposed to the resolution dated April 15, although it was advantageous with respect to the definition of “minimum” of catchment areas, as claimed by the big. DiBenedetto – balance sheets in hand – had already turned around: stay with the small-medium teams was better. The difference, however, is only half a million euros.

 Caveats. Against are Cagliari and, partially, Palermo. Who knows how many more meetings will be used to decide how to divide up the future of television money …

 source: La Gazzetta dello Sport by: Marco Iaria
adapted by:Mike Prise