It always has a certain effect hearing a manager of Italian football to make openly the name of one of the market objectives. The real risk is to see the price of the player skyrocket and to capture the attention of the media on negotiation. A perennial bullseye that constantly monitors the developments of the deal: here is why Beppe Marotta‘s words from yesterday on Jovetic should be read carefully. 
Either the Juventus leader is sure to get the Violet talent or the name was fed to journalists and fans to divert attention from other tracks (like Suarez) that may become hot. 
We went to dredge up some statement of last year issued by Beppe Marotta on Vucinic during last year’s team presentation: “I have said that while this group is working with great intensity and is right that Conte has a chance to exploit all this done workforce of professionals, of very serious people, so calmly we can give him the elements that he needs.” In short, a real dribbling compared to that of this year. Straight antennae, therefore, to try to understand Juventus’s market next move where nothing should be taken for granted. 

source:; by: Davide Terruzzi

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