The staff of, partner, has made ​​this interview with our former striker David Trezeguet , after having set up with Arab friends, are pleased to present: 

Juventus and the bianconera shirt what do they mean to Trezeguet?
Juventus is the story of a great love, it means a lot to me. I lived with Juventus the ten best years of my career in a magnificent team of high level and with great players at my side.

When did you know of your passing in black and white?
I remember that I found the agreement with the club before the final of Euro 2000, Moggi has given me great confidence and great support and after that everything was easier, I have been very well received by the team and together we have done great things.

When you arrived at Juve were in competition with Inzaghi, then you felt helped by his departure?
I worked very hard and seriously and every time I went down to the field always I gave my best to prove that they could count on me, when Inzaghi have left they were pointing on me and that I have been proud. 

You have exploded in the second season scoring 24 goals that you have won the top scorer, what was the secret?
I think the discipline and hard work are always the most important quality for those seeking success in a difficult league like the Italian one. 

05/05/2002: Juventus beat Udinese … prescriti lose against Lazio … you’re champions Italy, do you remember that historic day? 
It was a wonderful day, we had to win that game without thinking of anything else, was an incredible day.Between 2004 and 2006 there were a lot of changes: a new coach, new names … 

What do you remember of Capello’s Juventus?
We had a group of great players at the time of Capello and the team was strengthened with other notable names like Cannavaro, Vieira and Ibrahimovic in the league went very well, unfortunately we did not do the same in the Champions League. 

The 2004-2005 championship match at San Siro: bicycle kick by Del Piero and Trezeguet escapes from Maldini and scores a goal that will remain forever in our memory, what memories from that day? 
It was a very tough game between two great teams, but we had the support of many fans who have helped us to win that game that gave us the right push to round off the championship. 

Capello and Lippi: what is the difference between the two? 
Lippi has left a great mark in the history of Juventus as Capello.Lippi had a good team and there the group was instrumental, while Capello has had more champions. 

Who choose between them?
I don’t have preferences, with both I won and scored a lot: they were great. 

In 2006 Farsopoli bursts, you decide to stay while others leave, why you made ​​that choice? 
I begin by saying that every decision must be respected, in those days there were many economic problems in club and had to sell some players, those who remained worked hard to bring back Juventus in Serie A. My great love for Juventus was born right there, there was an agreement with Del Piero, Nedved, Buffon and Camoranesi: Juventus had to return to levels that deserved.

How do you see today Farsopoli also seeing what came out lately with prescriti also pulled in?
Juventus is the only one that has paid. Some things are just going out later, as the involvement of prescriti. 

How to judge Moggi? 
A very intelligent person, he left Juventus because that was what the club wanted in those days. 

You’ve played alongside the best strikers Del Piero, Inzaghi, Ibra: who did you like better? 
Together with Del Piero, we have written pages of Juventus history. 

Who was instead one of your best friends? 

Juventus and French players: what is the secret of the success of most French players like Platini, Deschamps and Trezeguet? 
You forgot one of the most important: the legend Zidane. That said, it’s a matter of choice: AC Milan for a period chose the Brazilians, Juve we the French . Perhaps because the Agnelli family had relations with France, for example, which has contributed to the arrival of Michel Platini. 

Which was the team that you loved face in Italy and Europe?
In Italy, from 2000 to 2005 Milan , but after 2006 prescriti became our rivals. In Europe, I say Real Madrid, with them was always a special game. 

You have worked with several managers at Juve: what is the difference between the management of Juventus before farsopoli with Moggi, Giraudo and Bettega and that came after 2006? 
The management of the Triad was unique and wonderful, Moggi has done a great job. Cobolli and its management have loved Juve but you can not compare to the previous management. 

You played with Zidane and Nedved, what is your opinion about them? 
Zidane and Nedved are two great players and playing with them was something wonderful, everyone has their own style and if they came to win both the Ballon d’Or because they were great players. 

What characterizes the Juventus from other clubs? 
Juventus is the team that loves to win always. 

In the new Juventus stadium is a star for you among the legends, how was your relationship with the public of Juventus? 
My relationship with the fans of Juventus was a very strong relationship, the Juventus fans have always been close to me and always thank them for that. I regretted not being able to be the opening day of the new stadium, but I had commitments with my current team. 

Many fans ask Agnelli so can have a game to say good-bye to you, what do you say about that? 
We will decide the future, but I want to thank the fans.You have lived years alongside of Gianni and Umberto Agnelli. 

What are your memories about them? 
The Advocate had a broad culture, a very strong personality and had a special character and charisma above all, as Umberto. And charisma was what they wanted to see from us players. 

What do you think of Andrea Agnelli? 
Andrea is an ambitious young man, has a great determination and great desire to bring back Juventus at the top as it was before and that he could live: This will be of great help for him. 

How do you see Juventus today? 
The team is doing well and deserve the first place, they must all have patience because they are building a strong team.onale, può diventare un grande campione. 

Marchisio scored twice against Milan, what do you about him? 
Marchisio is young and strong,already when we were in series B was clear to everyone that had great potential: I am not surprised that he scored against AC Milan in a few days and national, can become a great champion. 

When you left Juve how did you feel?
Leaving Juventus was very difficult, after all the years spent together, good times but also bad times brought into the heart. I regretted not being able to give a farewell to the fans. 

Your father was a football player, so have you become: you can see one of your sons continue the tradition? 
I do not want to pressure them, of course if one of them will become as good as his father I will call immediately Agnelli to sign the contract! (laughs). 

What are your ambitions with your current team? 
We want to do well in the league and cup but there are many strong competitors, we hope to finish well. 

How are you in the UAE?
I try to adapt to the mentality and culture of the people, I find myself very well. 

Last question, what would you say to bianconeri fans in the Arab world and who like Juventus?
Juventus must return as it was, and the president Andrea Agnelli is working on this. What I can say is to trust in Juventus. Thanks to all …  

adapted by:Mike Prise