He’ll be 37 in the aftermath of his debut against Del Piero in the new Indian Super League (last to ultimately opting Anelka and Materazzi). And ‘yet another formidable challenge of a champion as David Trezeguet. Who after winning everything with his National and almost everything in the 10 years of Juventus, the team, he dived enthusiastically in the adventure with the Pune, affiliated to the club Fiorentina who has made available the entire sports management and the field of Primavera (today friendly and perhaps also in week against Gomez & c.). Trezeguet is preparing well, wants to win the league and goals standings. Because the years go by but the champions never go out of fashion.

Trezeguet, first of all how are you?
“Well, I want to bring my experience and my contribution with the Pune to Indian football. I, Del Piero, Anelka and others go there for that. “

How many league titles you feel to have won in black and white?
“Four, not one less.”

The Champions League so far has been a big dream for Juve and their fans. It ‘s time to make it happen? This Juve can do that?
“It is right to raise the bar. That Juventus is one of the great European teams which must have one of the objectives not only the title but also precisely to win the Champions. “

If you would be able to choose to give up 4th Scudetto for the Champions league?
“I would have no doubt. Winning a national title is nice, however, winning the Champions gives you the knowledge that you are the strongest and play in the team stronger. It is the consecration. “

You have touched the emotion: how much burns the final lost against Milan?
“Is ‘the biggest regret of my career.”

Never regretted that you have stayed in black and white also in Serie B?
“No, never. The company had suffered a lot during that time, the Agnelli family made ​​us a beautiful speech, me, Del Piero and the other comrades talked about it and eventually decided to make our contribution. It was just like that. “

To whom should entrust this Juve for the climb to the Champions League?
“Tevez-Llorente. Last year they did very well, is a very well-matched pair of strikers, over time will consolidate and understood better and better. The second season has to be the reconfirmation. For both it will. Also because after winning the Scudetto will want to make sure and give something more for the Champions League. “

From compatriot has a special message to be sent to Pogba?
“I saw him in Juve-Roma last year. We talked, I reminded him that Juve is one of the most important clubs in absolute and advised him to stay. There’s a serious project and they all want to grow and improve even more. There they want to win and at 21 years should be the maximum to feel already one of the most important players of Juventus. In such a club can only grow and improve. And life is good in Turin. I understand that the same family of Pogba is very glad that he plays and remains in black and white. And sooner or later Juventus will make the leap in the Champions League. “

Surprised by Coman?
“I followed him against Chievo. He is ‘a really interesting player. He has already shown that the shirt is not a burden. It is not little. “