Beppe Marotta reminded everyone that you can eat sometimes at a 100 Euro Restaurant. You just need to believe in it!

It’s the transfer market of general confusion, not only for Juventus, but also for all the other teams.

Juventus has not yet decided who will be the playmaker, between Draxler, Gundogan, with other names that appear and disappear with great continuity. Cuadrado opens many tactical questions, for a team that will have to metabolize the departure of Tevez, the most painful.

If Juventus must still move the others are not doing well either. Rome look at the defenders and now a replacement for Strootman, Napoli a midfielder and a defender, Milan a midfielder , Inter for the offensive players, finally Lazio expects the outcome of tonight’s game to have a better idea. A far from simple transfer market, where the last days could be decisive to do what has not been done in two and a half months.

General Confusion? Perhaps, surely the first round of transfer market did not give the answers that many expected, but there is time to fix it, even until Monday, after that to speak will be only the field and after ten rounds we can begin to figure out who did well and who less.

adapted an article from tuttojuve