The Juventus fans do not agree with the sign that Beppe Marotta would like to hang on the Juventus transfer market: “closed for holidays”. No closure, too early to put an end to the possible purchases.

Obviously, after four years of splendid victories and after many operations well executed such as the full confidence it the work of the company, but also the feeling that the departure of Pirlo, but especially of Tevez could create a dangerous hole. If for Pirlo there is Marchisio who also because of the numerous injuries of the director has demonstrated last year of being able to take his place, to replace Tevez there is none. The great fear is that Dybala is not yet ready to offer the performance Tevez gave and without a player of that specific weight we could have a problem in Italy, but especially in Europe.

No sign “closed for holidays” and perhaps the feeling that the words of Beppe Marotta may also be a strategy, either to sell at the highest price the players on the market, but also to pay the least for the new possible purchases.