We start, then, from the few certainties. Which are two: Claudio Marchisio and Andrea Pirlo. Moreover, the latter – having actually started his championship from two weeks because before was blocked by the aftermath of the injury remedied in the preseason – has drawn particular benefit from the convocation of Antonio Conte: could in fact improve his personal run-in. The same Allegri, not surprisingly, has candidly admitted: “Given his condition, me and Juve is particularly convenient that Andrea accumulate playing time. His run of form will gain.” For the record, yesterday Pirlo and the others blue – returned from Malta already in the night, immediately after the match, with a private plane – took advantage of a day of rest and are expected to Vinovo for today’s session.

Less positive, on balance, it is rather the accumulation of flight hours and time zone that will fatigue the other men of the median. A cause for particular attention are especially the conditions of Arturo Vidal (Chile yesterday has faced in his house, in Antofagasta, Bolivia in friendly). Already in the first match, against Peru, the midfielder had complained of some discomfort in his knee. The coach Jorgé Sampaoli he admitted: “He had pain in the tendon,” stressing, however – later – that “it is not nothing to worry about, the comparisons with the staff of Juventus are continuous. But even if we had been asked to send him back to Turin, we would not have consented. We need Arturo here. “

Comes without saying that – with such premises – Allegri and his wish to personally assess the conditions of Vidal. It is not impossible, therefore, that starts on the bench against Sassuolo. Therefore grow the chances of Pereyra, galvanized by his first convocation with Argentina. With Brazil did not go well for the Albiceleste, but the former Udinese has, however, been able to celebrate an important milestone for his career. Saturday will play his chances with Pogba for a place alongside Pirlo and Marchisio.

“Daddy, but who was Trezeguet?”

“Daddy, but who was Trezeguet?” And I told him this. “Gabri, Trezeguet was the one that you would like to become. What I wanted to become. What any child in love with football would like to become. Trezeguet was a goalscorer. What a great job, huh Gabri? Sounds too good. What do …