Lazio - Juventus -lineups

Massimiliano Allegri, then, for the Rome appointment does not intend to bring upheavals. He is missing players but, however, he has available what it takes to break the bank in Rome. He will play from the first minute with Llorente paired with Tevez. The Spaniard did not go to the National, is fresh and rested, he found his way to goal and is in the growing phase. The impression is that the Lion King will play both in Rome and in Malmoe. Morata will be used during the match. And then, not hide, Allegri is crazy about the Spanish that he knows to be useful even when he is not in top condition. Him and Carlitos Tevez is ready to bring Juve as high as possible. And Llorente, with a tweet, gives the charge:

And that’s saying something.

Defense at four for Lazio- JUVENTUS. Of course we will continue with the back four. A little ‘because it is the belief of Allegri and a little’ because they lack many defenders. There will be no Asamoah, Barzagli, Caceres, Evra, Marrone, Ogbonna and Romulo (slight discomfort to the pubis, attempting to recover for tomorrow): all defenders and full-backs. So go ahead Lichtsteiner, Bonucci, Chiellini and Padoin. Elements that now provide valid guarantees: the use of Padoin is the confirmation that the player is doing well, it is not a phenomenon, but his performance is assured. Do not call him a stop-gap but a joker of absolute prestige. Several teams in the league are asking him but Allegri has vetoed his sale.