Yesterday, voices from the corridor have told us about a harsh confrontation in the Bianconeri locker room. If hard confrontation means a hard scolding by Conte and a hard anger, it’s true. Conte is not used to losing, is not apt to lose and rage of Conte in the locker room, it was the anger of the fans in the post game on Saturday. The rage for a calendar packed, for a bad Hamstring of a symbol man , but also the anger for some undertone

We are confident that on Sunday we will see a different team: tough, confident, determined and bad in the field. Impossible not to imagine that will try in a determined to victory to live the challenge of the March 1, which now looms, with the minimum margin of four points that allow you to keep in any case the first place. Conte at the end of the challenge spoke in a calm but firm to the team, no case, no hard confrontation, no controversy, only the clear and definite reality: Juventus must shift gears in away matches if  wants to win again in Italy.

However, it remains a certainty: the team, the fans, the company is a single block, as they were from the first day of the Conte era , without unity you do not win.