Little more than twenty-four hours at the close of the mercato and something like eleven days at the beginning of the season. If strike permitting, of course. intercepted at their microphones the former Champion of Juventus, Moreno Torricelli, he tells us his impresions about the start of the season:
“Conte is the right man for this Juve, I know him well, is a exquisite guy . I think Juve can even fight for the title, I will not deceive the fans but I’d like to see the team get to the end of the season and still be able to hope for winning the league.

Have arrived important players, Andrea Pirlo in midfield is a real phenomenon and Vidal will be fun, I think the key tactical point of Juve this year is in that position: Conte has to find the right formula, Pirlo and Vidal can coexist but they must do so in an intelligent way, are two great players so I think we will have no problem. Del Piero?He is the Champion of this team, a man who is able temperamentally to take this team UP. “