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TURIN, April 4, 2012 – The name of the top player who will don the black and white jersey from the summer is still accompanied by a nice question, but to the profile sought by Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici by now everything seems clear enough. The talks between the Juventus leaders and Antonio Conte has led to an identikit that provides very specific characteristics: Juve seeks a champion used to playing in teams constantly projected to the attack, clever then dialogue in blocked spaces and be hungry for victories just as his next teammates are showing. Locked doors instead for counter-attackers, although of highest level, because that is a condition almost unknown to Juve branded by Conte. To be clear, the bomber who prefers to move in big spaces as Edin Dzeko and the same Luis Suarez, shall not be taken into account or will at a later time. And only in the event that proves impossible to reach the top of the list. As regards the latter, currently includes four names actually considered treatable with success: Carlos Tevez, who is a bit the prototype of the player searched. And again: Gonzalo Higuain, Pepito Rossi and Stevan Jovetic. 

PEPITO … Subject of an official offer (rejected) in the summer of 2010 and a tightening in the courting in 2011, Giuseppe Rossi could finally move to Juventus after year his most complicated. By month-end Italian-American return in the field and in fact if his season finale should prove positive, Juve will return to face at the door of Villarreal (like M***A), aware of being able to pull much better conditions than in the recent past. Besides the Spanish formation risks the relegation, and in that case is not even possible that the deal could set based on a loan with right of transfer, as much likes Marotta

VIOLA TRACK An eye though to what happens in Florence. Until a month ago it seemed impossible to get to Stevan Jovetic, now every scenario seems possible. The objectively resizing, added to the divorce between the Della Valle and Pantaleo Corvino could in fact be the prelude to some very interesting developments for those interested in Montenegrin. Among these Juve is in the front row, but again does not run alone. And in fact the yesterday news that like usual, Manchester City has come forward with  very consistent arguments . Then, of course, City would purchase one striker, not five or six, those are assigned to them at the time. We need to see which will be finally chosen by the sheiks and even more who will be asked to step aside. If it will be Tevez, as everything leads us to believe, Juve has no reason to feel sorry. 

source: Tuttosport (taken from an article of Gianni Lovato) 
adapted by: Mike Prise