I am sick of being called Stealers for all these Years. I am sick of all this Serie A shit. I am sick to be punished for things we haven’t done.
Were we stealers when we won 2005 and 2006 Scudetti? Well, this means that We Stole also the 2006 World Cup . Because the same players who have won the World Cup, were in the field in those 2 Championships, Won on the Field, plus a Ibrahimovic, a Emerson, a Nedved…. and so on…
If we are Stealers, and if in every single year you (Serie A) punish us…. well Maybe it’s time that you (National Team) play the Next 2012 European Championship with the players from milan, M***A and all the other “Top” teams from Serie A.
Maybe it’s time once and for all to get our Respect Back! Maybe it’s time that we have to move to radical Measures!
Dear Juventus Fans, young and not so young, this team is the Pride of Italy and it always was.  Identifies herself with the Italian National Team and it always was and maybe (if we, Juventus, want that) will be.
It’s time to move to the next Level! If we are going to be Mistreated in Serie A once again, we should leave the field and Stop sending players to National Team.
Fino alla Fine Forza Juventus!

by: Mike Prise