TURIN, Aug. 11, 2012Antonio Conte will have his eyes upon this evening in Beijing where he will watch the Super Cup challenge from one of the stages of the Bird Nest Stadium. In particular, those of two federal 007,  prosecutor Alfredo Mensitieri, deputy of Palazzi, and the Assistant Attorney Gianmichele Corona, already arrived in the Chinese capital to control the disqualification is upheld. One more reason to abide by Conte and what can and can not do. 
METHOD Of course the coach will not use the phone, prohibited by law, and to communicate with his staff will follow the same system for the friendly in Salerno, when Conte debuted for his choice in the stands. At his side there will always be Fabio Paratici with the team manager Fabris Matteo in the role of handover, ready to be divided between the stands and the field to convey messages between Conte and Massimo Carrera. They say that in Salerno did not work very well, but for now this goes. Then the method can be improved even with the help of technology. At Juventus Stadium are already planning to find him a seat in the stands at the side of the bench, thus overcoming the obstacle of distance, if anything, the problem is in away games and the 007 that will follow him, not always known people. 
TRUST However, Conte trusts much in Carrera and does not consider having to teleguide him. The biggest problem are not the subs, but the instructions to the players that the coach was accustomed to write in real time. For this reason, something has changed in the preparation of matches: Conte became even more maniac, just to anticipate every possible situation of the game, also trying to empower players. 
 Source: Tuttosport (article by Marina Salvetti) 

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