Antonio be careful, you have returned to Juventus, coaching the most glorious team of Italy and is very different from that lead to promotion from Serie B to Serie A clubs as Bari and Siena, to Juventus you must demonstrate the dual character, able to face everything and everyone, motivate your players and be able to position them well in the field, according to their features without setting your mind on a tactic that is not compatible with their characteristics.

If a leader you always have been and you will not make much effort to assert yourself and respect by all, on the second point are so many doubts. Juve are victims of tactic misunderstanding for years now and your 4-2-4 would only be yet another.

Two years ago your former teammate Ferrara created a completely out of place roar, with a playmaker not up to this team, with a midfield badly constructed, with strikers unfit to lead the unit and with no one playing on the sidelines, with not skilful full backs and a defense too easily penetrable, it’s result was pitiful, a seventh place at Juventus should not even exist in her worst nightmares. Despite the team it has been built for the 4-3-1-2 it was better to have these men put in to the 4-2-3-1 (not coincidentally the best games of the season, Juventus were playing with that tactical module and won). This year we have experienced a new nightmare, to make the protagonist this time on our bench was Delneri, fundamentalist of the 4-4-2 who committed the grave error to get the team revolutionize to return former 4-4-2 (with Ferrara, which had been completely demolished it to switch from Ranieri to him).

Marotta with great difficulty (given the budget which it was made available from the ownership) has combined several trouble giving the technician of Aquileia a team full of gaps, especially on the offense unit and in defense with the fullbacks. The former Sampdoria coach, it took the unusual and incredible record of being the most beaten defense from the entire league in home games. The wingers of midfield purchased in the summer did not offer coverage, the 4-4-2 of Delneri was too unbalanced, lacking in balance and with only Felipe Melo able to inhibit in a midfield once again very badly structured. Again, it was more appropriate to use a different tactical module, namely that 4-3-3 that should be the base from which to start again in this championship. In support of 4-3-3 the newly three arrived at parameters zero formalized by the club: Pirlo, Ziegler and Pazienza

The former regista of Milan has always played as the top down in a three midfield (except the first yeat at Brescia, where he was a playmaker), putting Pirlo in a different context may limit the performance especially now that he can spend less energy on his age; is no longer too young for the world of football.

Ziegler is a full-back (attacking), a player better in the offensive then defensive, a classic full-back in a 4-3-3, certainly not for a 4-2-4, where the fullback has to be good in coverage phase of the game.

Pazienza is quite flexible and can adapt in both modules (424 or 433) but the remaining bianconera team seems to impose on the way to a 4-3-3. Just think to Krasic that it is better not to entrust tasks of coverage but as a offensive winger in a 4-3-3 is the most suitable place for him, to Marchisio which is a “mezzala”, to Felipe Melo who doesn’t want to be again in the next year the only able to retrieve balls in midfield and especially to a transfer market that should not lead to a new, yet another, revolution which Juventus this year should avoid being preferred quality over quantity avoiding the transition to the 4-2-4 which could hardly not be deleterious.

In the 4-3-3 you could just buy a full right-back and a top player as a left forward. For the 4-2-4 is needed more then a man (giving up the three midfield ) a full right-back, the left winger and a striker.  




xxx bonucci chiellini ziegler 

—-melo pirlo marchisio—– 

—-krasic matri xxx——— 



xxx bonucci chiellini ziegler 

——–pirlo melo———– 

—-krasic matri xxx xxx—– 

Considering that in each case there is the need of the full right-back and that the players in actual team are far more suited to the current 4-3-3 then to the 4-2-4, what do you prefer? To spend 40 million from budget for a single player only to be put in that 4-3-3 or spend 20 for a striker and another 20 for a left winger? I don’t even ask myself the question, the 4-2-4 is not even to consider, I do hope that Conte makes this considerations and also Marotta will operate as a Juventus director forgetting his past at Sampdoria, bringing this Juventus to win again. 

by Fabrizio Lo Gerfo adapted by Mike Prise