The victory at San Siro brings us back to Turin with the knowledge that even without Conte this team has not lost the spirit of Juventus in recent years. The game in Milan showed the same desire to win, the same hunger, the same desire to suffer together. To Milan were missing two key players like Alex and Montolivo but to Juventus were missing even more, the Rossoneri given the midweek game were the worst possible formation to meet because they had rested. From Milan three positive indications, then.

THE GAME – the team showed in all four games played a great game, enveloping, dynamic, continuous, who has crashed the opponent and put him on the ropes, Milan was swept away by the  Juventus tide, not so much in goals but in danger and amount of play.

THE DEFENSIVE STRENGTH – in this case, and there are four, the defense did not concede goals despite the absences and difficulties given by injuries, the team has been able to hold up. There is compactness and granted a few shots to the opponents.

THE CHAMPIONS AND THE NEW – finally the champions. They are the ones who decide the challenges because the game sometimes it works and sometimes notand when the disc does not rotate it takes the star that makes it all possible. Allegri had Ibra, now has the Apache, but not only him, there are Pogba, Buffon, Llorente and we are still awaiting Vidal. Do not underestimate the contribution of the new. Evra, Pereyra, but also Coman and Morata. In each game each showed something and made a large contribution.

adapted in english from an article of Massimo Pavan from tuttojuve.com