Waiting to see when they begin to pay compensation of 443 million requested by Juventus, Juventus fans are wondering who will pay compensation when Conte will be acquitted, because at the cost of going to Strasbourg, Conte will demonstrate his innocence. 
How much is the compensation for the months of insults, the pages in the newspapers, the arrows of his colleagues and all the rest. How much is from the sporting point of view, the damage? 
Well, if the disqualification will be long could be worth at least one million euro per game for the image and physical damage to the person. In total about 100 million if the disqualification was a year. 
This time, someone will pay, we are sure at the cost of seeing the Youth Hostel seized where they do the processes, at the cost of searching for all the libelous headlines, perhaps they should suspend the disqualification,  they should give a little thought. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS