After the match with Shakhtar have heard plenty of examples professional of football slobber over comparisons between Juventus this year and last year’s. Many argue that aggressiveness of Juventus of the two formations is different. Impossible to note that this type of analysis is partial but also misleading. At today Juventus have done better than last year in the league. The haul of five wins and a draw is good and all the results, apart from Fiorentina are improvements compared to the opponent last year.
In the Champions League two draws, one at the home of champion of Europe, one against the team champion of Ukraine, which is for fifteen consecutive victories and has a very high competitive level. We have to say that Juventus has worsened its competitiveness? Absolutely not, we are in the Champions League at one third of the group matches, there are still four games, the games are all open to get to the barrage of knockout. We reiterate that the team is improved, players pay the effect of fatigue after Europe and especially lacking Antonio Conte on the bench. 
If you want to find a difference from last year highlight this.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS