Arturo Vidal is liked by Real Madrid, here nothing new. The Chilean player is one of those players which Benitez likes a lot also because in the Italy often has scored against him, including the last game in Sao Paulo.

Benitez would have indicated Vidal the right reinforcement for the midfield to give balance to a team that too often hangs from one side or another. Juventus does not want to give the Chilean but if he is not going to renew his contract, which expires in 2017, then the sale of the South American champion becomes a certainty. You can not risk that the value decreases.

Juventus, in fact does not give away Vidal and the player value, is stood at 30-35 million euro. Juventus for the player asks for that amount or the card of Isco, player that Real would not want to sell but is really liked in Turin and with Morata would form a great couple.

Are decisive days, then, for the future of the Chilean, between the cup by winning the holiday to do and a tomorrow that might lose the black stripes to become entirely white.

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