Maestro, Musica per favore!

If you think that tomorrow’s Juventus striker could be a player who is still and stationed in the penalty area and then concretize, you will be disappointed, Antonio Conte has clearly outlined in a press conference the player that he likes and the characteristics that must have: “I always play in those who participate in team play, I do not like players who live for goals, playing only for the goal and then they do not care of the offensive, the defensive phase, they think only of themselves, with me do not ever play. I am fortunate not to have this kind of players. ” 

So, Beppe Marotta, has taken note and with him the Juventus supporters. The profile is clearly outlined because it does not make sense to take a player of area that is just a finalizer. Need something more, a man good at the game, and to build strong hand to his companions. Forget, therefore, a Benzema, perhaps even a Higuain. Much as possible, a player like Luis Suarez of Liverpool or even Edin Dzeko who does its of the movement one of his best characteristics. As mentioned yesterday, though an eye also to Edison Cavani. Many unknowns over him: first evaluation of the card, according to the will of Laurentiis. Of crossing the rocks, Conte definitely would not say no, on the contrary.  

Conte this year has always praised Mirko Vucinic and has always or almost used. The player who the coach likes must have the qualities of the Montenegrin, but also his spirit to follow the instructions of the coach. The cynicism in front of goal for the coach is important, but less than the listed capabilities to project and the collective game. How to blame him, given the results? 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan
adapted by: Mike Prise