There is a thin thread that ties the Uruguayans who played at Juventus. I wonder if that thread is made up by history with that blue shirt that becomes blue, or is represented by that great champion that thanks to his charisma made fall in love the Juventus supporters. Flies then the imagination in search of his heir.

The class of the defender, the courage of the lion, the heart of the champion, making him one of the most beloved players of Juventus history. Perhaps we are irreverent but in the eyes of Martin Caceres we have revised the look of Paolo Montero. A proud look of a wrestler who never gives up in the field. 

In Martin Caceres we had already seen the talent when there was Ciro Ferrara, we have reviewed in the first two goals to Milan and we review every time comes down the field. On Sunday evening, Caceres has impressed and scored another vital goal, but that matters less. What counts is the indomitable character and that look in his eyes at the beginning of the game, proud and brings us back in mind the image his fellow countryman. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise