There is a need for another strong defensive midfielder

Whatever the tactic module, whether the coach, all what you need for this Juventus is a strong defensive midfielder who can give balance to the team, skills capacity to manage the game, density in the midfield and defensive support.

What was one of the biggest and obvious weak points of this Juventus? Definitely not knowing how to manage the games, not being able to defend the advantage,not being able to run the ball over and over again and not having the slightest idea of how to lower the pace of the game, to many matches that Juventus was reached by the opponent team and has not allowed herself to obtain the desired result. Surprisingly also what the fact that shows us as the Juventus defense has received the most goals in the entire league at home. The problem, beside the mentality and team management from the part of the coach, reside in a crazy tactical situation that has often seen the Juventus game with 442 very offensive and leaving in midfield only Melo being able to get back the ball and do it in middle of the field.

In the Italian league to win there is a need of: solidity, continuity, strength, a tough defense and a rock midfield . In the midfield there must be two players with more features to cover, one is not enough. In Capello‘s Juve were Emerson and Vieira in Milan of Allegri there were Van Bommel and Gattuso or Flamini. Serie A is a physical league and to win you can not do it without a wall in midfield consisting of at least two “thugs”, two players more tactical then technical, with feet less refined but with more character and strength.

At today’s Juventus there is one already that has these characteristics and is Felipe Melo, now we need a player like Emerson. The best in this role is the argentine Mascherano but is unlikely to be very interested in leaving Barcelona to come to Juventus who will not even participate in the Champions League in the next year . The two more attractive alternatives and realistic answer to the names of: Inler and Fernando. The first is a guarantee, he plays in the Serie A for many years and has often made the games for Udinese. The Brazilian of Porto had a unbelievable season with all his teammates and coach Villas Boas, Fernando is still young but has great physical, tactical vision of the game and especially the sense of place in the field.

This type of player is essential, both in an tactical module with the a midfield at 3 or 4, just in any case it should be accompanied by Felipe Melo to create a wall in front of the defense hardly surmountable and finally give a strong balance to the team. The a midfield of 3 can go quietly completed by Marchisio who in that the role of central midfielder is in his complete ease. In a 442 or even more so in a 424 (so loved by the new coach: Antonio Conte) is even a greater need to have two strong defensive midfielders ready to take over on a very high offensive weight consisting of two central strikers and two wingers.

Very good as a reserve may be Sissoko and the possible arrival of Pazienza that coming on a free transfer would complement the department in an intelligent manner. Are to be set aside and keep well away names like Palombo and Montolivo. Both non-arrival of certain free and their usefulness for tactical features, both for general carat weight for both men already available would be unfavorable for Juventus.

In the case of midfield in 3 other then: Melo, Sissoko, Pazienza, Marchisio and the necessary midfielder to be identified among Inler and Fernando, to finally complete the department (with three members and three substitutes) could be one between Aquilani and Pirlo. Pirlo already arrived on a free transfer, for Aquilani instead serves to be made a offer to Liverpool. In this season played on loan to the former Juve player of Rome has not impressed while offering more than decent performance, after so many injuries this year, he played virtually the entire season and probably in the next, relying on better preparation may certainly better. The economic point of view could make the difference and is in favor of the former world champion looks set to arrive in Turin with Aquilani ready to leave to return to Liverpool. Pirlo should however be seen in this light, not as unmovable starting player to be inserted in front of the defense, in that position there is a need for a strong “metronome” to assist Felipe Melo.

by Fabrizio Lo Gerfo