FINALLY And thus, after a long time (out from 21 July, Tim Trophy), Simone Pepe is available again: he stopped for an injury of First Instance of the thigh. Then a new fallout and a pain that never passed entirely have led Juventus medical staff not to rush and to proceed with caution. He is now clinically healed and this week is training normally. In these days does it with the team but obviously does not have ninety minutes. Yesterday has not played a friendly match against Savona (as a precaution) but already participates in game in home.. 
CONCLUSION All that remains is to wait for the match against Napoli, then we could get the tactical change. Maybe just for the championship and then return to the traditional system in the Champions League, partly because the European technicians do not know perfectly the characteristics of Conte’s player sand, therefore, the surprise effect could continue away from Italy. We know how important is considered the UCL for the champions of Italy. The draw against the Ukrainians has a little iced the enthusiasm but after the break will be the recovery (against the Danes) two games that on paper should not bring surprises. 

 source: tuttosport, Camillo Forte

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS