The continuous turbillon of players in (many) and outgoing (alas a few at the time), surely lead to a reflection, resulting in a question to ask: is it possible that, after the statements of the early season, when Marotta spoke of a few transfers, even three top players (but that’s another story and already there are some open topics about it), now we have bought 8 new players, plus those yet to come, thereby resulting in the revolution of the team?

And if we add the fact that, potentially, from last year, many new implants, they go to fill the role of starters for 6-7 places from 11 than last season, we are in front, of course, to turn the team like a sock.

All right, we can safely say that after the disaster of last year, we definitely wanted to major interventions, but the purpose of beginning of the year, probably before choosing a technician, were certainly not restayling for a complete remodeling.

In my opinion, and personally I’m convinced, there is the hand of Antonio Conte, is not  any Del Neri, not a Ferrara, is not a Ranieri “Poulsen-better-of-xabialonso-,” but a man who knows his doing.

He, the commander of a thousand battles, he knows what it means to wear the black-white shirt, which he is now at the bridge, put up at the helm of a patched ship , he is incapable, by nature, to say of course sir because he is not just any Captain.

They proposed to him players, have proposed that they could not take Cristiano ronaldo, and then he answered like this: “No top players? But I want players that I like, that can relate to the way I think about football”

Here in lies the difference between Conte and other misters, Antonio knows what he wants, he accepted the assignment, perhaps they thought could outwit, as they have with others, but you are wrong, will not demand ever players unattainable, but he certainly will lead functional players to Juve , players who can grow with Juve, possibly players with the head for Juventus.

Only so we can explain certain transfers rather than others, it is the will of Conte and they are all accepting it, because he has charisma, comes over, even in the context of leadership and, I believe, we will have a compact team and with unity of purpose, because with Conte , who does not follow him, is out.

by: netdaves
adapted by: Mike Prise