In addition to Barzagli, who arrived in January, in the last summer transfer market Marotta and Paratici brought at Turin two promising young defenders: Bonucci and Sorensen. The first has arrived to be a starter alongside Chiellini, being strong to have entered in the national team and a beautiful season at Bari, the second from a perfect stranger but equally capable of gaining a space in the team and often be preferred by his companions in a role not typically for him like full right-back.

Both are central defenders, preferring the center-right, Bonucci is better to try to set up the game, Sorensen is more “woody” but has a capacity of defensive tactics uncommon at his age. 

The young Dane has come to Juventus on loan with the right of transfer set to a figure not important, but Juve can’t let him get away and will certainly buy the entire transfer card. In the next season Sorensen could be sent on loan to allow him to grow and develop with a little experience in another club, keeping him in the team would be anything but counterproductive. As mentioned above, even when used by Delneri as a full right-back his role is central defender, as a reserve and the second alternative (with Barzagli first) to the two starter central defenders, the young defender still may remain and give his contribution to the team and at the same time learning from his colleagues to play in the future a more leading role within the same Juve. The qualities that he demonstrated this year bode well for the future of this young man representing a rare pleasant surprise of Juventus from last seasons . 

Bonucci on the contrary, has disappointed the expectations, the former Bari has become the protagonist of a disappointing season, if Juventus took so many goals, especially at home, it is also due to him and to his mistakes, oversights and defense limitations. At Juve we are not just used to see a central defender unable to mark well and closely an attacking opponent, with Bonucci, Juventus lost this habit. Marotta bought him sure he made a deal by entering into negotiations Almiron (to buy half from Bari) and Criscito (to buy half of Genoa) saving the cost of the transfer card but the trust and responsibilities were not repaid by Bonucci. 

This summer transfer-market Juventus needs to heavily invest in the defense roles and  in buying two full backs and to score a major hit for the midfield and one for the attack. We must deal with players of a certain caliber, the quality is more important now then the quantity. Having necessarily to concentrate more efforts in those roles the economic center of the defense may not be changed, becomes the primary goal to turn the defensive duo Bonucci-Chiellini as worthy to be holder of Juventus shirt and the Italian national team, taking to them as very valid alternatives, Barzagli and the young Sorensen. This defensive unit on the paper is of worthy of our respect, the two reserves are worth consideration and there is no reason not to trust them and confirm them in little marginal roles, Chiellini must rise to be a leader and improve this retort year in which he felt with Bonucci: with Conte, with one more year of experience that will serve to mature and not to repeat the same mistakes and also maybe a better another defensive shield in midfield (with not only with Melo), the components to reverse the poor defensive results of the last season would be in place. 

by Fabrizio Lo Gerfo