Frankly I am sure that We will see this image also at the end of the Championship

It’s clear that Juventus has entered a opaque phase. Hopefully only temporary, and in this the story of Antonio Conte smiles. We have seen that in the month of December, the Signora does not have shine, indeed. After a not happy first half in Naples, which was taken during a game only with the nerves, this team has started to drop dramatically the level of performance, partly because it was objectively impossible to keep up the autumn pace where, at Chievo in part and maybe a little with Genoa, from the game point of view Juve had put bellow all, without exception. 

The sunset begins with the arrival of Cesena, does not suffer only the absence of Pirlo, but very hard under the plan of the rhythm, until Marchisio with a shot pool does not fix the game to a quarter of an hour remaining. Then we pay a visit to a halved Rome , crisis of identity , also of results and of the dressing room after the 3 slap remedied in Florence. The result is a balanced match, which is just the draw, but you really begin to see major physical crisis sort of Pirlo, Pepe and Marchisio

Before Christmas we were visited by Novara which takes on average 3 goals from all outside their home, and often even at home. Scores Pepe and then not until the Quaglia puts the result in the bank we see the best Buffon to avoid the insult. We welcome the year with the recovery of the first round at Udine, game on which there is little to say. Horrible 0-0, in which neither team gives the impression of wanting to put in that much. Then everyone in Dubai until Lecce: frankly, unwatchable Juve, second-half of Lega Pro between errors of disengagement. You win because their goalkeeper does not hold a missile from Vucinic put inside by Matri. With Cagliari another false step. 2 points down the drain, and the first half almost in August style football . 

This team does not do it anymore, and from these descriptions, questionable as long as you want but not different from reality, we understand how the thing grows slowly for a while. But studying the history of Mr. Conte, if you notice, his Bari and his Siena did not do that good in the colder months, but were able to achieve their objectives … In the spring, comes the first sun of hope in the summer … We try to get out now and Well from Bergamo. 

After this game another life will begin! 

source: VecchiaSignora; by: AvantiSignora 
adapted by: Mike Prise