There was once Juventus pre 2006. That team was a real battleship that won in the league and made European steps with great character. That team was strong in the field and also outside where the Juventus management came first on the market and chose champions like Ibrahimovic at the cost of balance. That Juventus was disliked and so were able to put people in the woodworm and say that the team won for reasons other than the magnitude of the field. That idea became a emotional wave and a media campaign and a World champion team was erased from the face of the world.

Unfounded ideas, wrong and mistaken that the subsequent processes (championship is not altered) have practically confirmed. Now the same thing. After years of purgatory with a leadership unaccustomed to the world of football, Andrea Agnelli has recreated something ancient, unique, great. Juventus returned to win and here the winds are raised, the choirs thieves, thieves return, the critics do not talk about technical gestures but the previous referees, the climate returns to be more Jacobin than ever.

The question that we do is : why after 2006 you have said that now the football was become clean? What we see today is totally identical to what we saw before? Matches and referees who make mistakes, but without something behind. Are mistakes and should be accepted. These situations are the same or different if you prefer, in both of the two cases, Juventus walks away with head held high, knowing that the field wins, the one and only law.

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan