Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Juventus? What they all have in common? 

Little, when it comes to actual power (Juve is back) and trophies (the City is back), a lot if we speak about the game and will to win. 

Above all they have in common the ZERO under defeats box in their leagues.These are the three teams, leaders of course, the only undefeated (along with Porto and Benfica) in the major European leagues.Even the Bayern have already lost 3 times, the ultra-milardiario PSG has 2 losses and red devils (and blacks) as Manchester United and Milan have already seen exulting rivals in 90 °, and exactly in direct clashes. 

In football, you win if you the champions and the world’s strongest game (Barca) or if you have an infinite budget to collect stars (City).But in football you win even if you have an atavistic hunger that comes from years of lean, competitive rage that comes from a recent judiciary massacre and a compactness and spirit of sacrifice and transmitted by a coach who has a black and white DNA in which the word victory is granted , and the word defeat does not exist at the time. 

 City and Barcelona will be put to a severe test of the direct rivals of Juventus (Milan and Naples) in the midweek Champions League clashes, while Juve is expected from a Philoctetes away games (Lazio, Naples, Rome, Udinese) to shake the wrists. 

 Who will come out undefeated even after these clashes will be really ready to win everything. 

 source: tuttojuve.comadapted by: Mike Prise