Nothing is LOST! We still have to win 2 more games! We have to stay UNITED!

There are nights that you don’t want to remember because what has happened tonight is incredible. It’s incredible to see what has happened after a game that could’ve end up 5-1 and has instead finished with the best player committed an unfortunate episode. 

We feel a bit sad but it comes to say that nothing has changed. We had to win two and one wrong. We missed the first and now we must win two. Nothing to say to a Juventus who fought well against a Lecce with heart as eleven lions. We believe that no one will give us nothing, so if we want to win and reach this dream will have to make history. 

The story goes on from Trieste and finally at JUVENTUS Stadium. All together, all united, we still believe, nothing is lost, and in fact the whole is still in our hands. Now we all want to do two things: first, strong embrace Buffon and cling to him and the second, immediately take the field because we have greater desire to fight back after this evening.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan
adapted by: Mike Prise