Giampiero Ventrone, athletic trainer at the time of the legendary Juventus of Lippi, talks in an interesting interview: 


You were close to Conte, you know very well. A long relation of years first as physical preparator- player and the coach – physical preparator. Now that no longer you work together, you still hear each other? 
These relationships do not end abruptly so even if we do not hear because he is still very busy, we go through messages. 

 You were close to a return to Juventus this summer or was only a newspaper rumor ? 
No, Antonio would strongly wanted my return to Turin, but someone in leadership did not want me. The reasons I do not know them yet, but I presume that, being part of the past, have made this argument that I do not agree, but I accept. I do not know all the details. 

It seems that Conte has taken yourworking methods. He insists on the force 
With Antonio we did 10 years together as coach and player, 5 years we were together on the field or directly behind him so he has seen what is good or what goes wrong. I think now that Antonio Conte is one of the best prepared coach in circulation, but not only from the tactical point of view, but also because he knows what’s needed and not needed for a football team. 

Indeed, it seems to review the first Lippi’s Juventus, a team that runs for ninety minutes with anger in her body 
Antonio has had an experience of what it can work to a team with regard to the physical work of top players because do not forget that we in many years we have always gone in search of the best, we were a team of hungry so consequently he had the the best there was in circulation and also in recent years has achieved this improvement. So now to embarrass Antonio Conte talking with him from the physical point of view is very complicated. 

The team runs for ninety minutes: just a physical matter or mental reasons come into play? 
First of all comes from motivation. The brick from which it arises are the motivations and goals, so and high motivation for important objectives. To this we must then add the physical work, so a team that knows how to stay on the field, what to do and for that you need more power and resistance expressed at the highest levels, but it all comes from the first point that if collapse threatens to bring down the whole . 

So the secret of Del Piero is mental? 
As for Alessandro are important two major components, the mental for sure, but remember that he is followed by a very good team and then all of these factors means that Alessandro has always preserved his excellence. Having the head is not enough unless it is followed by a physical work of excellence. 

13 years after the denunciation of Zeman, what do you thinks of the Pescara coach and why, in your opinion, he investigated only Juventus? 
This is a question that is difficult to answer. We know that Zeman handed the questions, issues, those remarks due to the strength of the players that it was impossible for him to train in the field and then he could think of anything else, but if we look at what that Juventus did we understand Juventus had something other than observed by others. A team that won 13 titles, 9 second places, 5 European finals in a few years, had a great physical and mental strength. 

 adapted by:Mike Prise