The truth about Calciopoli
The truth about Calciopoli

This piece is addressed to all those who were happy and have hoped that calciopoli was real and Juventus was the rotten egg.
Another master piece from Massimo Zampini! Enjoy!

“After 9 Years. Here is The truth about Calciopoli!

And here it is Calciopoli, as you have narrated (and hoped) in 2006, and what is left now, nine years later.

At first, for public opinion there was Juve who stole, with that thug of Moggi: I have always said it, ugly thieves, now is coming out.
There it is Gea, the absolute evil, finally on trial they too: control the market, decide the fate of their affiliates and not: here is the real dome.
There are journalists subservient, from Scardina in Rai. There is Fazi, who plot with the Football Association.
There have rigged the draws, there is a referee closed in the locker room, there’s a bunch of Roman match officials that determined the results of many games.
There is a team above all suspicion, that celebrates contemptuous [email protected] “we win without stealing”: so here is why they were not winning, not for Gresko, Recoba and companionship. That’s why that coach was always exonerated.
There is, in particular, in the clubs full of antijuventini, a deep conviction: Now we can finally win it all, without domes to stop our way to glory. We will see what you’ll combine, without the Triad …

Nine years later, be honest: out of all of this, there is nothing left.

There is no longer the stealing Juve , because it was discovered that Moggi at most was plotting for himself, or to save others, and the referees of the Dome were not helping.
That De Santis, in the Super Cup against Inter, annulled the decisive goal of Trezeguet for offside when it was good by a meter.
That has not consumed any wrongdoing, has not altered any championship, there was no corruption, or benefits of any kind for the referees. Is was plotting, that strange dome, to save Fiorentina or more – sob! – for making disqualify Petruzzi and Nastase, two reserves of Bologna, against Ibrahimovic and Trezeguet.

Be honest: you expected something more, eh?
To say that  the Juventus of  Buffon Zambrotta Thuram Cannavaro Chiellini Camoranesi Vieira Emerson Nedved Trezeguet Ibrahimhovic was stealing for this, after all, makes you smile as well, if you have even the slightest sense of the ridiculous.

There is no longer even the Gea: it was not a dome so, it was said well by the Court. And you like to observe the judgments, no? So about the distorted transfer market, the control of all footballers, various nonsense: all made up, not as you thought in 2006.
A nice blow, huh?

There are no longer the journalists to be condemned: they have been archived and all acquitted. Some are sick, trying with difficulty to regain credibility. When I invite Scardina in a television program, he explains how big of a romanista he is, and still rather antijuventino. They’ve ruined my life, is aged out, got sick: had nothing to do, but at the time was also helpful to make his name.

There are no longer plots of the lady in the Federation, the terrible Fazi: acquitted herself, nothing of nothing.
There is no longer the referee closed in the locker room, at least in Court; because in public opinion has been shut in there, there the opinion of the judges is not  of any interest.

There is no longer that rigged draw.
There is no more the Roman gang: remained only one guy, to do everything alone.

That team is no longer above suspicion, indeed, and everyone are realizing that Gresko and Recoba had their influence in the missed victories, other than the dome.
There is no longer the coach kicked out because of Moggi, because they also exonerated and especially after, virtually anywhere. He was also exonerated by the antiMoggi manager per excellence.

There is no more, finally, the belief expressed so boldly in those days: now finally …
Now at last what? Now finally nothing. From there, have won only Inter, Milan and Juventus. In the nine years pre Calciopoli were winning even the Roman, after 2006 no more.
And you’ll see without Triad. But you’ll see what? You will see three consecutive championships, no history, with a great advantage in the fourth year in a row. With the Milanese to thirty points, the Naples to 20, the Roman 15.

The controversy, meanwhile, have remained the same. Who had suspects before, it has even now. The slow-motion replays of hours have remained there. The subservient Journalists, if there were before, there are even now. And chatting on the phone, discovered by chance, there is someone else instead of Moggi.

Recognize this: what seemed so clear in 2006, in 2015 has a different taste.
The flavor of who was deluded to have found an excuse to decades of defeats, and instead is still there, nine years later, to have to start over. “:

adapted an article of Massimo Pavan @