From strong points to finally get awkward and expendable pawns. The two attackers over 30 Juventus seem to have ended with the black and white history only able to express themselves in alternating seasons and helping in the good and bad results of recent years.

For them, however, the league does not end here because despite the difficulties of recent years they continue to have yet the market . In the case of Iaquinta, 32 years in November, there is the interest of Napoli, Udinese and Atletico Madrid. All teams that have or could have transfer market negotiations with Juventus, in this case, Vincenzo would be used to slightly lower the cost of the top  player but mainly to lighten the high wages, the real problem of Juventus .

For Amauri the issue is slightly different, in the past months in Parma has shown he can still do well in other situations far from Turin, which is why it seems to have affected the ranks of the thickening. 

There are actual possibilities  to buy him cheaply, considering that Juventus is going to decrease the upstream salary, knowing  well that Amauri, 31 years in a few days, is not worth more than 7 million. Napoli, Milan, Parma, Atletico Madrid seem to be the teams interested. As in the case of Iaquinta  this are teams  in talks with Juventus.

With one of Iaquinta and Amauri in Napoli, the cost of Quagliarella could come down. While with  Milan may be born the alternative Cassano, even if the deal could have successful outcome regardless of the exchange of players. 

The only certain  thing is that Conte is not going to find a team of 30 players to play only in the Serie A (.. and italian Cup).

adapted by Mike Prise