There are three of the Juventus midfield those who want to make their mark tomorrow: Vidal, Pirlo and Pogba. For one reason or another since the beginning of season the three have been or still injured or have had a loss of form, but with Olympiacos absolutely want to be leaders.

Vidal got ‘back to goal against Palermo, but mostly seems to have overcome the physical problems at the knee and his form improves every game.

Is not going through a positive form of Paul Pogba. The french freshly nominated for the Golden Ball and the renewal of the contract, with Genoa was one of the worst, but has yet to find the best position on the field. His excellent performance against Sassuolo, but since then seems to have fallen the fog.

Finally, Andrea Pirlo, the director against Empoli played a sufficient game , enhanced by pearl on a free kick. He also wants to grow and improve the condition.

Three jerseys, four candidates, considering Claudio Marchisio, the most fit, the UCL qualification depends from the race on Tuesday, there will be no more opportunities to fix it.

adapted in english an article of Massimo Pavan for tuttojuve