In the photo: Carlos Tevez - Gianluigi Buffon ©Foto by Daniele Buffa/Image Sport
In the photo: Carlos Tevez – Gianluigi Buffon
©Foto by Daniele Buffa/Image Sport

The hope of all Juventus fans is that Carlitos Tevez will honor his contract that binds him to Juventus until 2016, impossible to think of a Juventus formation without its leading scorer with 24 goals in 36 appearances and one goal every 125 minutes. Impossible to think of a divorce, but the possibility that today seems remote is a spectrum that could also become real if the Apache feels real that nostalgia that sometimes gets him . What to do then? Better to be prepared and not consider Dybala the right man because until today giving him the number ten would mean to crush him under the pressure with the risk of him going out of sight. There are basically three profiles that could fit to honor that number.

Ibrahimovic: wants to get away from France, PSG does not stimulate him much, if lowered economic demands by spreading the contract could be possible, a return to Juventus to win those two titles that were wrongly removed.

Falcao: the dream of last summer could become a reality, this will be discussed on the sidelines of the Champions League game since the player will not stay at the Red Devils and wants to leave, the Premier does not stimulate him much, despite requests from Chelsea and Liverpool. He would like Italy, Spain or France, if spreads the engagement, it could definitely be a viable track.

Cavani: a dream expressed by Marotta, is not easy to achieve, costs more than the other two nominated and could be part of a hypothetical exchange of cards, Juventus would think and would try to make him spread the contract of 10 million in a couple of seasons, with high bonus, Cavani to Juventus would not say no, his wallet, however, seems to think otherwise.

Three possible names for an after Tevez, the track until today, far from reality the present is called Apache, the future hopefully until 2016 can still be all of Carlitos Tevez.

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