The market is sometimes tortuous, intricate and sets of poles in slalom style. You have to be the best Tomba to arrive always at the bottom. In this session Juventus have done well (impossible not to recognize it), maybe missing something but there is still a month of time. However, it is worth highlighting the three mysteries of the market have held in suspense (so to speak) the fans as (the press more than the rest) considered them real phenomena, so as to devote ample space in the media.
Marco Verratti was the first. The former midfielder of Pescara has been indicated by many as the new phenomenon of Italian football on the footsteps of Andrea Pirlo. Beppe Marotta has long courted, and the media have approached him with Juventus for weeks, before a Concorde with twelve million euros for card and the total engagement for three years of about ten million gross took him away to Paris. In short, too much for the Bianconere coffers.

Same for the second mystery: Mattia Destro. Former Siena scored ten goals last year, but for all media (especially Romans) has now become the new messiah of football. Fifteen million his evaluation, just like Mirko Vucinic, end of the year we will see who will do better, but maybe for those who had Borini, it could better spend that money, surely Juventus have learned once again how difficult it is to deal with Enrico Preziosi.
Finally, the greatest mystery: El Kaddouri. He wanted Juventus, will end at Parma. For weeks he was dressed in black and white, while Juventus has denied, perhaps for little interest, perhaps for other reasons. No fan now regrets him, we will see in a few years … 

 At the end Beppe Marotta has saved thirty million euros, who knows that those savings will be invested in one player, the fans certainly would not have anything to say, the mystery remains: there were three specific objectives or three wisps?

source:; by: Massimo Pavan

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