Marotta browses the margherita of purchases, but is mainly preoccupied with sells which could provide the millions needed to make a difference in the purchases of the next season. 

There are three names that should bring cash: Felipe Melo, Eljero Elia and Milos Krasic

If Marotta could enter one of three in some trade or cash as agreed upon last season would make bingo. To Felipe Melo the Galatasaray asks the discount, the mediation of Marotta is essential to close the transaction. Getting at least ten million is the goal. 

Unlike the fate of Eljero Elia and Milos Krasic. The two players have market in England, Turkey and Germany and could be included in the deal Suarez. Objective is to collect 10 million for the Serbian and at least 6 for the Dutch. 

With these potential 25 million the Juventus budget would increase exponentially, without considering that there might be additional resources from the Juventus youth and pawns as Ziegler, Pazienza, Martinez and Iaquinta should find accommodation before August. 

Compared to previous years, however, the sells should be more simple, Juventus is not from two sevenths places but from a great victory. 

adapted by: Mike Prise