I like this Guy… I really do! But in this Juve… in this strange 4-3-3 he does not fit… Milos I really wish you all the Best!
We understand why Milos Krasic has not yet learned in a year and half Italian, probably not to read and understand all the criticisms that have rained down upon him in the last period. Impossible not to read hard words against the Serbian after the error and the dull roll of the last Sunday game against Cagliari. How can the idol that stood in the poster advertising the stadium and its inauguration, is now relegated to second fiddle, and almost considered a burden? 

The reasons are essentially three, at the end. 

End of the novelty effect: the effect Krasic was terminated in the challenge Bologna-Juventus of the last season. Delneri has been able to count on the Serbian as a turbine ready to unleash his full power, but faced with the media pressure and the error of the same player who accentuated the fall, had to accept the impending event. Events that led to a slow and continuous involution. In the second half the opponents had now understood how Milos is playing , doubled on him and would not give him space, often bringing him on the non-preferred foot. 

Tactical reasons: the slow decline has culminated in this season by the new way of playing of Juventus, more spectacular, more intense, with less wide spaces and less counter-attacks. Milos has suffered this game and was never able to propose to double phase that Conte wants, the proposals and that of containment. The result was a lot of benches and lot of stands, with no memorable appearances as the one with the Bologna in the Italian Cup and the match against Cagliari on Sunday. 

Environmental reasons: the last element is the environmental one. Earlier this year we saw him more often speak with Vucinic. Do you think they spoke in Italian? I think not … Milos in Turin is fine, but to empathize with a group that demands sacrifice, unity and few individualism, it takes understanding and dialogue. The dialogue Milos can not support simply because chews the Italian and badly. Little application? Maybe, or just a defect, but serious because the coach during the games gives a lot of information and not understand even one (ricodiamo all the expression of the match against Siena), makes the situation even more difficult. 

A complicated situation because on the one hand, Juventus does want to lose the investment and on the other hand fans do not think that the player is the one we’ve seen in the last period. Sometimes one spark is needed to unlock … who knows that it can not happen to Krasic just like to Milito. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise