We try to know him better by telling ten little secrets, that the better informed may know but for the most part are new.

UNDER, MAXIMUM GOLEADOR – From El Prado de Mirasierra college where he was under the orders of Javier Martínez, to the Under-21 and where ‘was the protagonist.
The great performance of Morata with the Spanish Under-
Spain U21 12 appearances 13 goals
Spain U19 13 appearances 11gol
Spain U18 2 caps 3 goals
Spain U17 6 appearances 2 goals

MORIENTES AND RAUL PARALLEL – Morata has the Blancos in his heart and has always had a great admiration for Raul, his story seems very similar to the legend of the Merengues, both passed through the cantera of Atletico and debuted in the Primera en La Romareda. The photos of the legendary number 7 twinkle in his home. Sergio Piña who trained him in the Juvenil C, recalls: “He reminds me of Morientes but I think he is more complete because he plays better of with his foot. In the air game I’ve never seen anything like it and technically is the best of the cantera.”

GRANDFATHER-grandfather introduced him to football and Atletico was the favorite team, but Morata preferred the Blancos to Rojo.

PASSION FOR ISCO – Morata has never hidden his passion for companion Isco for a long time and he knows that he is good to move in all situations, capable of scoring even with headers.

THE FIRST GOAL– Morata remembers well the first official goal for Real Madrid in the game against Levante in La Liga, a match in which they struggled in that game Alvaro was able to score with a header.

THE MIKASA BALL – Morata told a mania. As a child he received a ball, his father placed it near his pillow and he slept with that. His first ball was a MIKASA and it was thanks to that that he began to play.

GROWTH FROM ONE YEAR TO ANOTHER – his technical skills were evident from an early age, José Luis Giménez, his coach of Atletico youth confided a lot in him. Armando de la Morena pointed out that “as a young man grew up to 20 cm from year to year and this caused many injuries.”

FAVORITE COACH – Luis Alberto Toril, which help him to grow and develop at the youth level in Castilla who gave him many opportunities and advice.

SAID NO TO ALL – Morata to come to Turin said no to many, Wolfsburg, Atletico Madrid and still Arsenal, Monaco. For the second time for the young man who once said: “I ​​never to Atletico”

AGENT DAD – Morata’s Dad has always been important in helping the child, even now. At age eleven, Alvaro had impressed the staff of Atletico who had given him the go ahead, but his father blocked everything because Alvaro had not done well in school.

by Massimo Pavan -> tuttojuve.com