Three rounds, 12 are missing until the winter break with the repair transfer-market and 35 until the close of hostilities. Long way to go, so much to do. Much to improve. We saw beautiful things in this Juventus, it would be impossible to list them all. We therefore prefer, in view of the constructive criticism what we can improve and highlight what needs to be improved, because just like Conte we are perfectionists. 

First: the left full-back. De Ceglie must acquire greater safety and punctuality. Has appeared blocked and to be very unsafe. Paul should definitely come on. For now, there is a long journey, we will be by his side. 

Second: the impetuosity. The strength of this Juve is the will, the pressing, the desire. But we have seen, many, too many impulsive actions. The expulsion of Vucinic comes from there, a few too many warnings (Peppe), as well. We have to try to improve on this because we already have two home games in which we remain in 10. 

Third: free-kicks with good defenders at head play. At Tim trophy Ranocchia, with Bologna Portanova. We have to try to be tougher on the corners with defenders of this type. We recall that in two Sundays there is Ibrahimovic. 

Fourth: organize of the game from the defense. For now, the team starts very, very well. The only flaw of too many wrong passes from Barzagli and Chiellini in the organization of the game. We would need Brazilian feet (Rhodolfo?), But our two dogs also can improve. 

Fifth: the right side. Krasic goes in fits and starts, grows Giaccherini, and Elia? In short, we must integrate and still find the right mixture. 

Sixth: the offensive left side. Good, very good Pepe. To refine the understanding with the cursor from defense. Sometimes the offensive winger has not the support of the defensive, the right band with Lichtsteiner works much better. 

Seventh: Pirlo. Pirlo is not the problem and we believe that he can not do better than that (always a nine). More than anything else besides him someone should take some increased responsibility, the risk is the Pirlo-dependence. 

Eighth: Vidal. What is his position? For the moment we saw him in midfield behind the strikers and even full-back. The flexibility is great and perhaps also the reason why he was taken, but will need to find him a stable place, for example against Bologna in that position has not convinced 100% , so much better against Siena and Parma. 

Ninth: Fantasy. It lacks a little bit. After the vacuum Pirlo. Krasic struggling, Del Piero in fits and starts, Vucinic shaded, Giaccherini break-in. It will take maybe a zipper of Chelo or some lightning of Quagliarella? 

Tenth: nastiness in front of goal. Vidal at Siena has missed the 2-0, the same Krasic before goal of Portanova. For now we scored in six (very good), but it takes a little more nastiness in front of goal, to close games. 

We reiterate that we are just looking for the nitpicking, but as always Conte says “we can and must improve,”, moreover, we did nothing. 

by:Massimo Pavan 
adapted by:Mike Prise