It starts after the inauguration of Wednesday, now Antonio Conte got everyone to Chatillon and in the Vallee. Surely so many are afraid of what will be next, because we know now the realm of hard work, sweat, labor and Antonio Conte in the days of withdrawal squeezes the most out of his guys to create the foundations of work for a long season and definitely tiring.

The expectations for this withdrawal are many.

It starts from the public: last year in Bardonecchia was an act of boundless love and incredible. Again this year, fans will arrive in mass and is expected already sold out. There will be a summer village, and players will experience surely the most beautiful and genuine. tifoso

The second element is the young people to discover. Magnusson and Masi, we mentioned a couple of days ago, but look also at Boakye, Talent with the foot warm and Bouy, another one that comes with the stigmata of the promise, signed Mino Raiola.

Obviously from withdrawal the fans expect a lot of goals. Workouts with show included and bomber in the window. Matri will be the scorer, or Quagliarella and Vucinic will undermine him? And if the young Boakye proves a great sniper?

If you go up at altitude you do it to do hard work, and to avoid the heat stress in Turin and put hay in the barn. 

Another key factor to make learn the new is the culture of work. Antonio Conte in this is a jedi master and the new definitely will immediately understand why Juventus has won the past year.

No surprises: obviously on friday Conte will miss, but we can not and do not want to believe that during these days will get nasty surprises. The coach of this year must and can only be Antonio Conte.

Laughter: the withdrawal is to work, but also to laugh, joke, get to know and be known. The Juventus fans have discovered last year the sympathy of Simone Pepe, the enthusiasm of Storari, the class of Vucinic and each will bring his small piece.

Group: useless not to recall how the group and become part of a group is a key to become great. The Juventus players will have to be part of it and integrate to the great from the start. With the group results are achieved, only with the group.

Embracing the new: Giovinco will miss (not brand new), the famous the top will miss, but there will be various Lucio, Asamoah, Isla, surely three players able to bring experience, enthusiasm and class. Three international players who will assimilate to the coach’s tactics. We are very curious about the Lucio case, we have welcomed him and we want to receive him with a smile, the smile and the hope of seeing a great champion. 

Practice: the practice and history say that the great Juventus is built in the Training Camp. The fans want to review that very admired Juventus of the past year, are “hungry” are eager to review the coach, they want to dream again, let us dream again.

PS. we wanted willingly a top player in withdrawal but with this term we would be disrespectful to those who won last year, because they were all top. The victories are made even without the top players, so who will arrive arrives, the important thing is that he is motivated and Antonio Conte succeeds once more to turn into gold everything that comes at hand. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS