“To this Juventus lacks the captains of the National teams that we had.” Here’s how he explained the failure of his former team the now commentator Luciano Moggi. Today, however, seems to come and set up another reality. Marotta had promised players of experience and charisma that could bring the levels that compete with Juventus. So who better than the “captains” of the various national?

With Buffon in goal, captain of the national team, and the on right Lichtsteiner, who has “fought” with Inler to end to cross arm, the Bianconeri start very well. We then continue with Chiellini and Pirlo, often two players who have had the honor of playing in their club as captains. Andrea then made it ​​in azzuro. And finally in the attack are brought into play the big boys: Alex Del Piero and Mirko Vucnic. If Del Piero is unnecessary to spend more words, it’s all in the name, something more we can say about the newcomer. Vucinic, although still at a charismatic level can only grow professionally, is the star and captain of the Montenegrin national.

To these players,almost born with the armbands, let’s add the various Vidal, Marchisio, Quagliarella and Matri. All players of great temperament in their career who have never shown the will to surrender. Wanting to run for the entire ninety minutes of the match, never sparing themself.

Finally we conclude with possible last shots of Juventus market. Uruguay captain Diego Lugano has just won the America’s Cup. He, along with Alex from Chelsea, is one of the Marotta reinforcements suggested by Conte, to improve the defense. Alex is the same a player of great charisma, which in recent years could have “lived” with John Terry, captain and flag of the “blues” from London.

In midfield, we could get Vargas. Another thanks to his national and international experience has nothing to envy to a captain. The powerful left winger Peruvian showed a complete lack of awe, going in his career to score against teams like Brazil and Lyon. He also recently led his country to an unexpected third place in Copa America.

It seems that Marotta has grasped the lesson. No more province players as the last year. But elements of quality and charismatic, they can give under the aegis of Conte, the coach captain, to Juventus the desire to beat everyone and everything.

by:Antonio Michele Paladino
adapted by: Mike Prise