The Juve of Antonio Conte has been completed. 

We analyze the technical and tactical perspective of the team made ​​available to the coach. The premise of this article is I am not going to play to make the “Little Sport Director”, supposing perhaps what might have been and however it was not: the strategic and economic variables that underlie the success or failure of the buy / sale of a player are mostly unknown (at least to me) and therefore am not able to express opinions fully supported by facts. Instead I will limit myself to express my opinion on the team with which Antonio Conte will try to express their football.To complete the introductory article will deal very briefly (some people can do much better than me) the economic aspect of the summer transfer market 2011. This technical analysis to engage in the economic and financial tactic in which Juventus operated . 

How much did the transfer market of Juve really costed? 

Cost (in mln) Rate 2011 Rate 2012 Rate 2013 Notes
Lichtsteiner 10 3,33 3.33 3.33
Vidal 10,5 5 3 2,5 2 di bonus
Elia 9 4 2,5 2,5 1 di bonus
Giaccherini 3 1 1 1 Co-ownership
Estigarribia 0,5 0,5 Loan
Vucinic 15 5 5 5
Pirlo 0,9 0,9
Pazienza 0,8 0,8
Ziegler 0,6 0,6
Matri 15,5 5,17 5,17 5,17
Quagliarella 10,5 3,5 3,5 3,5
Pepe 7,5 2,5 2,5 2,5
Motta 3,75 1,25 1,25 1,25
TOTAL 87,55 33,55 23,92 23,42
Melo 1,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 Loan
Sissoko 7 2,33 2,33 2,33 1 di bonus
Almiron 0,4 0,13 0,13 0,13
Ekdal 1,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 Co-ownership
TOTAL 10,4 3,46 3,46 3,46
The choice of the coach fell on Antonio Conte, who won two championships of series B and promoter of a peculiar 4-4-2/4-2-4. Young, hungry and with a strong personality Conte is a good choice in my opinion by the club. His teams have always played a very good football, well characterized and is has proven successful. 
Along the way he sees football, tactically brings a good dose of energy and determination, in my opinion necessary to drive this version of Juventus.The club has worked a lot on the market.
I state for intellectual honesty a couple of issues. cast for another long before the end of the transfer market: 
-I think the money should be spent on the market for offensive players, considering the defensive phase of a team much more dependent on the offensive phase (in which the percentage contribution due to the talent is much greater) by the tactic and the work of individual improving in training. On the market you buy the talent and not the organization; 
-In part related to what I expressed above to the priorities of the market were a renovation of the midfielders, the buy of a striker and an valuable left-footed winger and two reliable fullbacks (not necessarily champion). Probably as a minority opinion , in view of economic resources not infinite, the buy of a central defender in the bottom of the line with the priorities already expressed. 
The midfield has been renewed and strengthened in my opinion a lot in terms of quality, dynamism, personality and tactical compatibility between players, with grafts of Pirlo and Vidal, great player. I doubt that I possess is on the sustainability of Pirlo in a system with two very offensive wingers, can be erased only by the tactical success of the project of Conte in the transition defense: if Juventus really will be able continuously to regain the ball quickly lost the ball, in the highest position possible, then asking to Pirlo pressure rushing forward, the doubts will be erased. If, however, Pirlo will run horizontally across and back, and the team will have to deploy the two lines in our own half the participation of former AC Milan could really be a not sustainable luxury. 
The point of value wished by me is here, as already mentioned, the entire department offers sufficient guarantees for a team that only has to dispute the Italian league. 
The wingers unit is quite varied and rich in features as the quantity of interpreters. Krasic and Elia, to the right and left, for the potential value and characteristics should be the starters. Improving tactical Krasic and the resumption of growth path interrupted last season by Elia are the keys to success of the game on the wingers.
Finally, behind, Lichtsteiner offers guarantees more than enough in the right-back role. As already said I do not despair for the non-arrival of a central defender (whom?) 
Trusting that different offensive and defensive principles, tactics and organization of work in training may change the effectiveness of the defensive phase of the team and improve the performance of Bonucci and Chiellini. 
Ultimately the team at the disposal of Antonio Conte has improved, and even a lot, compared to that of last season. Pirlo, Vidal, Vucinic Lichtsteiner transfers are excellent and relatively “safe”. Elia has great potential, but his personal story makes his performance less certain than the players mentioned above. 
There remain question marks, even important. Already said the question of Pirlo and tactical ways to go to resolve it positively, the performance of the wingers and central defenders / left-back is not guaranteed without an improvement to the required level of individual performers. 
The question will heavily be seen the contribution of Conte and his ability to bring out the best from Krasic-Elia and the defense department will spend the successes or failures of Juventus. 
I am an optimist and looking the Italian league, I think that one of the first three places are within the reach of Juventus, the level of the top teams in the league (AC Milan, Inter, Napoli, Lazio, Rome) is not so high as to imagine that a team like Juventus 2011/12, although still imperfect, can not get at the end of season one of the three places Champions. 
part of article by: Fabio Barcellona 
adapted by: Mike Prise